I have taught so far at Clemson University (and elsewhere)

PHYS 1220 Physics I with Calculus (at Western Kentucky University)

PHYS 2210 Physics II with Calculus (Thermodynamics and Electromagnetism) (Honors), using Mazur: Principles and Practice of Physics, and Katz: Physics for Scientists and Engineers

PHYS 2220 Physics II Laboratory (at Western Kentucky University)

PHYS 2400 Physics of Weather (General Education Course), using Aguado and Burt: Understanding Weather and Climate and Carbone: Exercises for Weather and Climate

PHYS 2450 Physics of Global Climate Change (General Education Course, Science and Technology in Society, Sustainability), using Dessler: Introduction to Modern Climate Change; previously Archer: Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast; Houghton: Global Warming; Mann and Kump: Dire Predictions. In Fall 2017, students created over 30 ArcGIS Story Maps on a climate change/impact topic of their choice.

PHYS 3110 Introduction to the Methods of Theoretical Physics I, using Boas: Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences and Weber and Arfken: Essential Mathematical Methods for Physicists

PHYS 3210 Mechanics I using Taylor: Classical Mechanics; Morin: Introduction to Classical Mechanics; Levi: Classical Mechanics etc.; Neuenschwander: Emmy Noether's Wunderful Theorem; Thornton and Marion: Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems

PHYS 3210 Mechanics II

PHYS 4410 Electromagnetism I, using Griffiths: Introduction to Electrodynamics

PHYS 4420 Electromagnetism II

PHYS 4550 Quantum Physics I, using Townsend: A Modern Approach to Quantum Mechanics

PHYS 4560 Quantum Physics II

PHYS 4650 Thermodynamics, using Schroeder: Thermal Physics

PHYS 4200 Atmospheric Physics, using Houghton: The Physics of Atmospheres; Andrews: Introduction to Atmospheric Physics

PHYS 4750 Special Topics: Atmospheric Science (at Western Kentucky University), using Wallace and Hobbs: Atmospheric Science - An Introductory Survey

PHYS 8410 Electrodynamics I, using Jackson: Classical Electrodynamics; Charap: Covariant Electrodynamics

PHYS 8750 Special Topics: Mesospheric Dynamics, using Lindzen: Dynamics in Atmospheric Physics; Holton: An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology; Andrews: Middle Atmosphere Dynamics; Brasseur and Solomon: Aeronomy of the Middle Atmosphere

PHYS 8750 Special Topics: Ionosphere, using Kelley: The Earth's Ionosphere

PHYS 8270 Measurement Techniques in Aeronomy, team-taught